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There are no short term forecasts in effect at this time.

The primary purpose of this narrative, plain language product is to provide users with a concise, non-technical short term forecast of ongoing weather conditions. The short term forecast may include any current or recent past conditions that form a basis for, or an enhancement to, the forecast. Detail in the short term forecast will depend on radar coverage, satellite imagery and other remote sensing capabilities. The short term forecast is not a vehicle to initiate or cancel warnings watches or advisories, but in a severe weather event, will be used to describe to where severe weather and/or flash flood producing rains are moving.

The minimum criteria requiring issuance of short term forecasts are:

    • Windward/mountain locations: Rainfall rates of 0.25"/15 minutes, occurring or expected to occur, for any duration.
    • Leeward locations: Rainfall rates of 0.10"/hour, occurring or expected to occur for several hours; and/or Widespread light precipitation (>50% coverage, <0.10"/hour) lasting more that 3 hours, if observations and reports provide reasonable definition of the precipitation area.
    • Any thunderstorms over the islands and/or adjacent coastal waters.
    • High wind Warning (lower elevations)
    • Huricane of Tropical Storm Warning - when other minimum criteria are met or exceeded

Please note that the short term forecast is NOT a regularly issued product. Any questions or comments should be directed to the Warning Coordination Meteorologist (WCM). Phone: 808-973-5275.