Weather Observations Product Suite
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Current weather observations for WFO Guam.

Guam Intl (PGUM)
Rota Intl (PGRO)
Saipan Intl (PGSN)
Tinian Intl (PGWT)
Roman Tmetuchl Intl (PTRO)
Koror WSO (PTKR)
Yap Intl (PTYA)
Chuuk Intl (PTKK)
Pohnpei Intl (PTPN)
Pohnpei WSO (PTTP)
Kosrae Intl (PTSA)
Kwajalein Intl (PKWA)
Majuro Intl (PKMJ)
Majuro WSO (PKMR)

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