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Definitions For Public Forecasts
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Mariana Island Forecast

Also called the Zone Forecast. Contains high and low temperatures, cloud cover, and chance of rain over the land out to 7 days. It also contains specific wind speeds out to 2 or 3 days, then wind speed qualifiers out to day 7 if they are significant. Possible qualifiers include: breezy (~15 to 25 mph), windy (~20 to 35 mph), very windy (35 to 45 mph), damaging (40 to 74 mph) and typhoon force (75 mph or more).

7-day Guam/Saipan Forecast Table

Also called the Tabular Forecast, this product contains high and low temperatures and chance of rain out to 7 days. If the chance of rain is less than 50%, cloud cover will be listed, otherwise showers will be listed.

Surf Forecast

Contains forecast surf heights for today and the next day along Marianas coasts by direction which the coast faces, and information about rip current and lightning risks on the local beaches and reefs.

Micronesian Island Forecast

Also called the Micronesian Coastal Zone Forecast, this forecast contains expected wind, sea heights, cloud cover and chance of rain for the next 5 days.

Area Synoptic Discussion

This discussion describes current weather features in the tropical Northwest Pacifc and the significant weather each feature is causing.
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