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The 1995 Central Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season

July 16 - 17, 1995 (TROPICAL STORM BARBARA)

BARBARA initially developed as a disturbance in the Eastern Pacific Ocean near 8.5N 94.7W on July 4, 1995. The disturbance moved on a west northwest path before becoming Tropical Depression TWO-E and Tropical Storm BARBARA on July 7. BARBARA then continued on a westward track increasing to hurricane strength on July 9 near 13N 112W.

Hurricane BARBARA continued on a westerly track, reaching a peak intensity of 120 knots on July 13. The storm then started to weaken as it encountered increasing wind shear ahead of an upper trough moving eastward through the Hawaiian Islands. BARBARA was downgraded to a tropical storm on July 15 while moving west northwest at 10 knots. The storm was then downgraded to a tropical depression on July 16 near 17N 145W as it moved into an area with increasing westerly winds and lower sea surface temperatures.

1995: Tropical Storm Barbara
Wind Speed
07/16/1800 16.0 139.5 40 Tropical Storm
07/17/0000 16.3 140.5 30 Tropical Depression
07/17/0600 16.5 141.5 30 "
07/17/1200 16.8 142.4 30 "
07/17/1800 17.1 143.4 30 "
07/18/0000 17.3 144.4 25 "