UFKA40 PTKR ABVTKR Rawinsonde observations, data above 100 mb, for WSO Koror

UMKA40 PTKR SGLTKR Rawinsonde observations, significant levels to 100 mb

(heights, temperatures, winds, dewpoints) for Koror

USKA40 PTKR MANTKR Rawinsonde observations, mandatory isobaric levels to 100

mb (heights, temperatures, winds, dewpoints) for WSO Koror

UXKA40 PTKR FZLTKR RADAT (relative humidity at and height of freezing level, in

feet) for Koror

UXKA80 PTKR OUATKR Skew-T analysis data issued by WSO Koror (for Guam's

WGKA50 PTKR FFWTKR Flash Flood Warning for Koror

WGKA60 PTKR FFATKR Flash Flood Watch for Koror to indicate flooding or flash

flooding is possible but not imminent

WGKA70 PTKR FFSTKR Flash Flood Statement or urban and small stream flood

advisories as issued by WSO Koror

WGKA80 PTKR FLSTKR Koror Flood Statement

WTKA80 PTKR HLSTKR Hurricane Local Statement for Palau

WUKA50 PTKR SVRTKR Severe Thunderstorm warning for Koror

WWKA50 PTKR SVSTKR Severe Weather Statement issued by WSO Koror

WWKA80 PTKR SPSTKR Special Weather Statement for Koror

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