Figure 9 (below). Seasonal sea-level variability with probability of exceedence levels for each station for October-November-December. X-axis: return period (years); Y-axis: sea level (mm).


Figure 9a (above). Marianas, Guam. Figure 9b (above). Saipan, CNMI.


Figure 9c (above). Malakal, Palau. Figure 9d (above). Pohnpei, FSM.


Figure 9e (above). Kapingamarangi, FSM. Figure 9f (above). Majuro, RMI.


Figure 9g (above). Kwajalein, RMI. Figure 9h (above). Pago Pago, American Samoa.


Figure 9i (above). Yap, FSM.


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Chowdhury M. R , P-S Chu, and Schroeder T (2007): ENSO and Seasonal Sea-level Variability – A Diagnostic Discussion for the U.S-Affiliated Pacific Islands, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 88: 213-224 (March 2007), Springer-Verlag Wien.

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