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PEAC and ENSO in the News

The following articles have been collected by the staff of Pacific ENSO Applications Center. They originally appeared in local and national newspapers and other news media from Hawaii, the USAPI, and the tropical Pacific islands region at-large. The articles document the effect of ENSO events in many tropical Pacific island locations and shed light on the varied social and economic problems ENSO creates in this region. Continued postings of current and historical articles will be made as time permits.

Links will occasionally be made to other news sources outside the Pacific Region.


AP - Associated Press (syndicated)
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency press releases
HA - postings linked to the Honolulu Advertiser web site (Hawaii)
HSB - postings linked to the Honolulu Star Bulletin web site (Hawaii)
LAT - postings linked to the Los Angeles Times web site (California)
MV - postings linked to the Marianas Variety News and Views web site (Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands)
MIJ - Marshall Islands Journal (Marshall Islands)
NPR - National Public Radio
PDN - posting linked to the Pacific Daily News web site (Guam)
CNN - postings linked to the Cable New Network web site
PIR - Pacific Islands Report, published by the Pacific Islands Development Program (postings link to PIR web site)
SN - postings linked to the Samoa News web site (Pago Pago)
ST - Saipan Tribune
PM - Pacific Magazine (Honolulu, HI)
SPREP - South Pacific Regional Environment Programme

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Past Articles

December 2008
Oscillation Rules As The Pacific Cools - Science Daily 12/12/08
Scientists probe impacts of climate change on top ocean predators - Lahaina News 12/11/08
La Nina May Be Developing in Pacific, Bureau Says - Bloomberg 12/10/08
Gender And Climate Change At Poznan’s World Summit - Pacific Magazine 12/5/08

November 2008
Winter weather hard to predict this year: NOAA - US Daily 11/20/08

October 2008
Researchers Study Coastal Hazards of Increasing Wave Heights, Rising Sea Levels - 10/10/08
Peru studies climate riddle as the world heats up - Reuters 10/3/08

September 2008
Graphic: How El Nino and La Nina affect U.S. storms - USA Today 9/29/08
South Pacific faces 8 to 10 storms - TV New Zealand 9/26/08

August 2008
This year so far coolest for at least 5 years: WMO - Reuters 8/20/08
Ban Pledges Support for Pacific Islands Over Climate Change - Bloomberg 8/20/08
El Nino signals neutral conditions through autumn - Reuters 8/7/08
Extreme Rains to Be Supercharged by Warming, Study Says - National Geographic 8/7/08
Meteorologist Warns New El Nino Forming By End Of 2008 - Pacific Magazine 8/2/08

July 2008
La Nina fizzling out, could reduce hurricane risk - AP 7/10/08

June 2008
Move from La Niña to ENSO-neutral conditions expected - Global Surf Village 6/6/08
Australian Bureau Says Can't Rule Out El Nino Return - 6/4/08

May 2008
Another Dry Spell - Maui Weekly 5/28/08
Cyclone may be only relief for drought - The Molokai Times 5/25/08
Fewer hurricanes expected in ‘08 - HSB 5/20/08
NOAA Announces Hurricane Estimate This Season - 5/19/08
La Nina seen fading away in June-July, says NOAA - Reuters 5/8/08
La Niña weakens, yet some sea temps still below normal - Global Surf News 5/8/08

April 2008
Larger Pacific Climate Event Helps Current La Nina Linger - Science Daily 4/22/08
Sea Level Rise to Slowly Swamp Coastal Zones - 4/22/08
U.N. meteorologist predicts cooler summer - United Press International 4/4/08
Australia: La Nina Weakens Further - 4/2/08

February 2008
Palau calls for security council action to protect island Nations from sea-level rise - MV 2/22/08
La Niña Conditions Strengthen, Expected To Continue - Science News Daily 2/17/08
High Seas, Winds Feature In Central Pacific Weather Outlook - Pacific Magazine 2/15/08
Noted coastal geologist to discuss sea-level rise - HA 2/12/08
WMO: La Niña conditions strengthen, expected to continue - Exchange Morning News 2/12/08
La Nina Pacific cooling may last to mid-year - Reuters 2/11/08
La Nina strengthens, may persist into summer - Reuters 2/7/08
Sea Level on the Rise Due to Global Warming - KHNL News 2/5/08
Australia's La Nina Rains Set to Last Until Mid-'08 - Reuters 2/1/08

January 2008
Climate meeting could be defining moment - HA 1/30/08
La Nina Nears Its Zenith - The Daily Green 1/13/08

November 2007
Rain a relief for parched Maui, but more needed - HA 11/6/07
La Nina Persists - NASA JPL 11/7/07
Lamenting Kyoto, Samoa tackles climate - New Zealand Herald 11/9/07
ENSO Variation and Global Warming - American Thinker 11/28/07

October 2007:
La Nina onset expected in November - Reuters 10/18/07
Meteorologists: La Niña Likely to Continue Into 2008 - Voice of America 10/31/07

September 2007:
Marshalls to Expect Normal Climate Conditions Through 2007 - YokweNet 9/2/07
NOAA Reports La Nina Is Developing - YubaNet 9/6/07
La Nina Event Could Be Developing - Live Science 9/6/07
Study Ties More Marine Debris to El Nino - Fox News 9/14/07
La Nina may impact global weather into 2008: NOAA - Reuters 9/21/07

August 2007:
Weather Service raises La Nina probability - Monsters and Critics 8/9/07
Hurricane forecast is adjusted a little - Baltimore Sun 8/10/07
Long-term Increase In Rainfall Seen In Tropics - Science Daily 8/29/07
NOAA Blames Hot Year on Greenhouse Gases - Washington Post 9/29/07

July 2007:
Drought on the way out as Bureau predicts La Nina - North Queensland Register 7/2/07
La Nina predicted - Gisborne Herald 7/7/07
Experts Warm To Ranking El Nino, La Nina - 7/13/07
No La Nina This Summer, NOAA Says - 7/16/07
Weak La Nina event likely to develop in 2007: WMO - Rueters 7/20/07
El Nino update courtesy of WMA - Global Surf News 7/24/07
ENVIRONMENT: Tiny Tuvalu Fights for Its Literal Survival - 7/27/07
South Pacific islands fear being drowned by rising sea water - Asia-Pacific News 7/27/07

June 2007:
Islanders fight rising tide - HSB 6/4/07
World warmer than average in year to May: UK - Scientific American 6/5/07
El Nino, La Nina cycle needs watching: experts - Scientific American 6/6/07
El Nino Deadly for Hawaii's Marine Life - KGMB9 6/11/07
Pacific Island Cultures Brace for Climate Change - NPR 6/11/07
La Nina arrival delayed until late summer: govt - Reuters 6/21/07

May 2007:
Rainy season right around the corner - KUAM Guam 5/1/07
Hurricane season around the corner - HA 5/4/07
Planet chat - HA 5/14/07
Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 20-26: Is Your Waterfront Property Prepared for this Season? - PRWeb 5/17/07
Beginning of the end for drought: bureau - Milton 5/18/07
(Atlantic) Hurricane outlook may rise as La Niña, effect grows - Sun-Herald 5/19/07
'We're in a drought' - HA 5/19/07
Hurricane Ioke Survivor Recalls Hit - KGMB9 5/21/07
72 dead, $25B damage if big storm hit O'ahu - HA 5/22/07
Warning accompanies mild storm forecast: Be ready - HSB 5/22/07
Flipping the switch on hurricanes - Oceans and Science 5/24/07

April 2007:
El Niño at an end and reverse La Niña weather pattern possible – UN agency - UN News Center 4/3/07
El Niño ends: La Niña may begin - ScienceAlert 4/4/07
La Nina highly likely to follow El Nino - Fiji Times 4/4/07
Everybody's talking about the weather - Part II - Seacoastonline 4/19/07
Satellites shed light on global warming - 4/18/07
Sea level surges threaten a billion people - 4/20/07
Twelve million years of weather - New Zealand Herald 4/28/07

March 2007:
La Nina could stir up storms - Florida Today 3/4/07
Pacific shows signs of morphing to cool La Nina - Spaceflight Now 3/5/07
Fatal monk seal entanglements linked to El Niño - NewScientist 3/9/07
Aussies say El Niño is officially over - Chinook Observer 3/14/07
Global December-February Temperature Warmest On Record - Science Daily 3/16/07
Severe Drought State of Emergency Declared in Marshall Islands - Yokwe Online 3/18/07
Crucial marine food chain withers - Manila Bulletin 3/20/07
Marshall Islands declares emergency as water runs out - France24 3/21/07
Marshalls "Coping" with Water Shortage - Yokwe Online 3/22/07

February 2007:
Sea Level (Global Measurements) -- Summary - CO2 Science Magazine 2/6/07
Climate change will hit home - HA 2/19/07
Climate change: South Pacific more vulnerable than thought - OneWorld 2/22/07
El Nino ends, heralding rain Down Under - Cosmos 2/22/07
Floods, hotter climate in Isles likely by 2090 - HA 2/25/07
U.S. forecasts La Nina brewing up hurricanes - MSN 2/28/07
La Nina May Soon Arrive - Science Daily 2/28/07

January 2007:
El Niño, greenhouse gases predicted to make 2007 hottest ever - USA Today 1/4/07
El Nino gives U.S. its hottest year in ’06 - Jackson Sun 1/10/07
El Nino pattern weakening: Australian expert - Zee News 1/11/07
El Nino should last through March: US weather svc. - Boston Globe 1/11/07
El Niño nears its peak: NCEP - Sun-Star 1/14/07
El Nino appears to be fading but jury still out - USA Today 1/17/07
Asian monsoon could cause acute drought in Australia: Study - APP 1/19/07
Forecasts accessible with high-tech tools - Ka Leo O Hawaii 1/22/07
Heavy rain may mean it's goodbye to El Niño - Australian News 1/23/07

December 2006:
U.N. agency sees El Nino stretching to early 2007 - Reuters 12/1/06
El Nino established in Pacific, upsets weather: WMO - AFP 12/1/06
El Nino forecast to peak in winter and fade by spring - USA Today 12/7/06
Global warming harms world's ocean food chain - Xinhua 12/7/06
El Nino promises warmer, drier winter in north - USA Today 12/11/07

November 2006:
NOAA Ship BROWN Replacing Vandalized TAO Buoys - You Tube 11/9/06
El Nino Expected To Continue Into 2007 - CBS 11/13/06
El Nino Provides Monster Waves - KGMB News Honolulu 11/14/06
Late El Nino Disrupts Storm Predictions - Guardian 11/17/06
El Nino, dust bust 'cane prediction - Florida Today 10/17/06
Recent strong westerlies typical of an El Nino year - Gisborne Herald 11/20/06
El Nino wearing a mask - Appeal-Democrat 11/20/06
Complex El Nino Event Brings Unusual Weather to Marshalls - Yokwe Online 11/29/06

October 2006:
University of Hawaii Researchers Predict Strong El Nino Based on Conditions in Indian Ocean - AScribe Newswire 10/24/06
El Nino Could Extend Dry Spell - KGMB Honolulu 10/24/06
Dry winter with more high surf in forecast - HA 10/24/06
El Nino good for tourists, not residents - HA 10/25/06
Hawaii expects a dry winter due to El Nino - MSNBC 10/26/06
El Nino Patterns Strengthened in October, Bureau Says (Update2) - Bloomberg 10/26/06

September 2006:
NOAA Issues Unscheduled El Nino Advisory - NOAA Press Release 09/13/2006
El Nino Warming Could Affect Pacific Weather - PIR 09/18/2006
Tropical cyclone alert in South Pacific - Radio New Zealand 09/21/2006

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