Hawaiian Satellite Interpretation Message

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Issued: May 27, 2016 2:00 AM HST

Based on data through 2:00 am May 27 2016 HST

Much of the aloha state is clear to partly cloudy this early morning. However, low cloud ceilings have been occurring in windward and leeward coastal and lower upslope portions of the Big Island, over central areas of Lanai, and in northern and eastern sections of Kauai, where showers have recently been falling. Low cloud motion is from the east to east-southeast at 10 to 15 mph across the island chain.

To the west of the Big Island are broken to occasionally overcast low clouds. Scattered to broken showery low cloudiness is east, southeast, and northwest of Kauai. Conditions are clear to scattered elsewhere over the adjacent coastal waters as of bulletin time.

The axis of a north-to-south oriented weak surface trough has remained nearly stationary about 375-400 miles northwest of Kauai. Isolated thunderstorms have been firing in the area north of 28°N between 160°W and 162°W. Another weak surface trough is more than 900 miles northwest of the garden isle and has headed slowly east since last evening.

In the upper air above 25 thousand feet, a northeast-to-southwest oriented trough axis appears to be passing over Kauai and has been pushing east at 20 to 25 mph. This feature may be enhancing showers around the isle as of this writing.

Showers and thunderstorms continue to ignite along the intertropical convergence zone far south of Hawaii. The most intense cells have recently been rising to over 50 thousand feet from 07°N to 08.5°N between 154°W and 160°W.

Hawaii Infrared Satellite image for 1100 UTC