Hawaiian Satellite Interpretation Message

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Issued: Aug 30, 2015 2:15 AM HST

Based on data through 2:00 am Aug 30 2015 HST

Satellite imagery shows two tropical systems in the central north Pacific. Hurricane Kilo is located near 18°N 177°W or 1255 miles west southwest of Honolulu Hawaii, and continues to move further away from the islands. The other tropical system is hurricane Ignacio located near 18°N 149°W or about 480 miles east southeast of Hilo Hawaii. It is moving toward the northwest at 8 mph.

The prevailing wind across the main Hawaiian islands is trades or from the east northeast blowing at 15 to 20 mph. Low cloud coverage over the surrounding waters of the main Hawaiian islands is mainly widely dispersed cumulus based clouds. A northeast to southwest oriented band of low clouds nearing the Big Island at sunset, has moved ashore affecting primarily the Hamakua coast about 80 miles wide seen approaching Cape Kumukahi. Weather radar is estimating tops of the showers around 15000 feet. Windward Maui appears next as the band moves westward.

Satellite imagery shows an area of widely dispersed showers and clouds stretched out across the island's windward waters. They are coming in with the trade wind flow, affecting mainly the windward and mountains. Otherwise fair skies ruled the rest of the smaller islands. On the lee side of the Big Island, a patch of stable low clouds is located right off the Kona coast between Kailua Kona town and Milolii. A patch of widely dispersed showers is taking aim on Kauai.

Elsewhere on satellite, a patch of cumulonimbus /cb/ clouds 320 miles northwest of Kauai continues to pulse. The cb's are part of a stationary upper level low. At the surface, there appears to be trough extending from 30°N 175°W to 26°N 165°W to the vicinity of the cb's. Another surface trough lies just west of Midway atoll, from 30°N 179°W to 27°N 180°W.

Other noteworthy items on satellite, a line of moderate to strong thunderstorms has just formed about 530 mile south southwest of Oahu. It is a narrow band, 10 miles wide extending from 13°N 160°W to 15°N 166°W. The storms have tops to 52000 feet. Deep convection is also found concentrated near the equator and dateline far southwest of Kauai. The storms had cloud tops 52000 feet.

Hawaii Infrared Satellite image for 1200 UTC

Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 1200 UTC