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For the immediate Hawai`i area, products issued are Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), area forecasts, upper level wind and temperature forecasts, and AIRMETs (AIR pilots METeorological information) for low clouds, turbulence, and icing. In addition, the Honolulu forecast office is an aviation Meteorological Watch Office that covers approximately 8,650,800 square miles. See Aviation Area Map.

For questions, comments or suggestions concerning aviation issues, please contact W-HFO.aviation@noaa.gov.

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Aviation section from the Area Forecast Discussion
issued at: May 30, 2015 10:00 AM HST

Most areas cleared out last night under a land breeze regime. The returning trade winds will remain light to moderate and allow for localized sea breezes to form in select areas. This will lead to afternoon cloudiness over some leeward areas. Otherwise, clouds and showers will mainly focus along windward and mountain areas. Vfr is likely into the afternoon at most sites.

An increase in windward and mountain showers is expected, starting early this afternoon in Kauai and spreading east throughout the day and evening as enhanced moisture approaches the state. Periods of MVFR and mountain obscurations may become prominent at that time.

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