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For the immediate Hawai`i area, products issued are Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAFs), area forecasts, upper level wind and temperature forecasts, and AIRMETs (AIR pilots METeorological information) for low clouds, turbulence, and icing. In addition, the Honolulu forecast office is an aviation Meteorological Watch Office that covers approximately 8,650,800 square miles. See Aviation Area Map.

For questions, comments or suggestions concerning aviation issues, please contact W-HFO.aviation@noaa.gov.

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Aviation section from the Area Forecast Discussion
issued at: Oct 31, 2014 4:12 PM HST

Shra associated with an old front will continue to affect the islands tonight with at least tempo MVFR in some areas. Although cloud tops on IR imagery have warmed some, there are still some TCU out there as of mid-afternoon. Dropped sigmet sierra for TS near the phnl-ca flight routes, but keeping airmet in place for the most likely spots to see mt obsc tonight, namely n/e facing slopes from kauai-molokai. Will likely have to add windward Big Island slopes as well at some point.

Radar velocity azimuth display wind profiles show boundary layer winds remain in the 20 to 30 knot range, thus we will leave airmet for low level turb s-w of mt in place into the night.

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