National Weather Service United States Department of Commerce

IMPORTANT NOTE: TAF's are issued at or near 0530Z, 1130Z, 1730Z and 2330Z, with an effective time of 0600Z, 1200Z, 1800Z and 0000Z, respectively. Between these normal issuance times, delayed (RR*), amended (AA*), and/or corrected (CC*) TAF's are given as needed for a particular station. The most recent TAF for each site is listed below.

RSS Feed  PHLI 120558Z 1206/1306 05018G26KT P6SM -SHRA FEW015 SCT025 OVC045
     FM121500 05015G23KT P6SM VCSH SCT025 BKN045
     FM130000 05018G26KT P6SM FEW025 SCT045

RSS Feed  PHNL 120833Z 1209/1312 07016G22KT P6SM FEW020 SCT035 BKN060
     FM121500 06010G18KT P6SM FEW030 SCT045 SCT070
     FM122100 06016G24KT P6SM FEW030 SCT045

RSS Feed  PHJR 120541Z 1206/1306 06008G14KT P6SM FEW035 SCT045
     FM121000 VRB04KT P6SM FEW035 SCT045
     FM122000 06010G16KT P6SM FEW045

RSS Feed  PHOG 120910Z 1209/1306 06014G22KT P6SM VCSH FEW020 SCT040
     FM122100 06018G28KT P6SM FEW025 SCT050 AMD LTD TO VIS AND

RSS Feed  PHTO 120911Z 1209/1306 23008KT P6SM VCSH FEW030 BKN045 BKN070
     FM122100 08008KT P6SM VCSH FEW030 BKN045
     FM130300 36011KT P6SM VCSH FEW030 BKN045

RSS Feed  PHKO 120541Z 1206/1306 26007KT P6SM FEW040
     FM120900 12007KT P6SM FEW040
     FM122100 24010KT P6SM FEW040

RSS Feed  PHMK 120541Z 1206/1306 05015G25KT P6SM FEW030 SCT045
     FM121500 05010G18KT P6SM FEW030 SCT045
     FM130000 05015G25KT P6SM FEW045

RSS Feed  PHJH 120541Z 1206/1306 NIL

RSS Feed  PHNY 120835Z 1209/1306 03008KT P6SM FEW025 SCT035
     FM122000 05014G22KT P6SM FEW025 SCT035

RSS Feed  PMDY 120912Z 1209/1306 07008KT P6SM SCT035
      TEMPO 1209/1211 BKN025
     FM121500 10012G18KT P6SM SCT035
     FM130300 10012G18KT P6SM VCSH SCT025 BKN045

RSS Feed  NSTU 120719Z 1206/1306 34010KT P6SM -SHRA SCT015 BKN040 OVC100
     FM120900 34004KT P6SM VCSH SCT015 BKN040
     FM121800 06010KT P6SM VCSH SCT015 SCT040