Lightning Activity Level (LAL) Grids

The lightning activity level is a common parameter that is part of fire weather forecasts nationwide. LAL is a measure of the amount of lightning activity using values 1 to 6 where:

LAL Cloud & Storm Development Lightning Strikes/15 min
1 No thunderstorms. -
2 Cumulus clouds are common but only a few reach the towering cumulus stage. A single thunderstorm must be confirmed in the observation area. The clouds produce mainly virga, but light rain will occasionally reach the ground. Lightning is very infrequent. 1-8
3 Towering cumulus covers less than two-tenths of the sky. Thunderstorms are few, but two to three must occur within the observation area. Light to moderate rain will reach the ground, and lightning is infrequent. 9-15
4 Towering cumulus covers two to three-tenths of the sky. Thunderstorms are scattered and more than three must occur within the observation area. Moderate rain is common and lightning is frequent. 16-25
5 Towering cumulus and thunderstorms are numerous. They cover more than three-tenths and occasionally obscure the sky. Rain is moderate to heavy and lightning is frequent and intense. >25
6 Similar to LAL 3 except thunderstorms are dry.