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The 1965 Central Pacific Tropical Cyclone Season


Tropical Storm DOREEN was first located by a TIROS photograph at 1800 GMT on the 19th. The center was indicated within 2 degrees of 10.5N 104.5W. By 1200 GMT on the 20th the SAN JUAN PROSPECTOR was in the storm at 13.5N 109W with southwesterly winds of 40 knots, 975 mb (28.7911) pressure, and 12-foot waves. DOREEN was apparently moving northwestward at 10 knots and continued to do so for the next 24 hours. It then moved westward with the USNS PECOS 250-300 miles north and the LINKMOOR 400 miles southeast of the center, both moving west with the storm and reporting 25-30 knot easterly winds and 15- 20 knot southerly winds, respectively.

After another 24 hours DOREEN altered course to the northwest. The KYOYU MARU passed just north of the center reporting 60-knot winds. The MEZADA changed course to pass in the wake of the storm, located at 27.0N 133.5W--90 miles distant from the MEZADA at 1800 GMT on the 26th. One hour and twenty-five minutes later a new observational technique was employed. Astronaut Gordon Cooper, aboard GEMINI V, reported seeing the storm's eye from about 450 miles to the west of the system. He located the center at 27.2N 135.5W, very close to the position determined by the BOLERO, HAWAII MARU, MEZADA, and HAWAII STANDARD.

The storm continued northward but slowed to 7 or 8 knots. At 27/0600 GMT the HARMATAN, 60-75 miles north of the center, reported east-northeast winds of 35 knots. When the storm reached 30N 133W at 27/1200 GMT it apparently stalled, and possibly looped, before changing course to west and southwest. Later reports from the CAP FINISTERE and SAGAMI MARU indicated the storm was moving southwestward and weakening.

By 3012SO GMT DOREEN, still at tropical storm intensity, reached 28.5N 140.0W and advisory responsibility was transferred from FLEWEACEN Alameda to FLEWEACEN Pearl Harbor. During the next 12 hours FLEWEACEN Pearl Harbor determined DOREEN had weakened to tropical depression intensity. By the afternoon of the 31st DOREEN had lost its identity.

1965: Tropical Storm Doreen
Wind Speed
08/30/1200 28.5 140.0 45 Tropical Storm
08/30/1800 28.7 140.4 45 "
08/31/0000 29.1 140.6 45 "