Satellite Interpretation Message

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Issued: Jun 27, 2016 2:30 AM HST

Based on data through 2:00 am Jun 27 2016 HST

At 200 am HST, water vapor imagery showed plenty of middle to upper level moisture lifting north and northeastward across the main Hawaiian islands and the western portion of the discussion area between the islands and the date line due to a broad upper low centered northwest of the state and an upper trough extending southwest over the region. This upper pattern was translating to scattered upper clouds or debris clouds associated with thunderstorms developing well south of the state lifting northward across portions of the discussion area and across the main Hawaiian islands. A few thunderstorms were developing near the upper low between 28°N and 30°N, which were near or south of Midway island. Maximum cloud tops associated with these storms extended to 40 to 45 thousand feet.

Scattered patches of cumulus clouds were shown north and northeast the main Hawaiian islands tracking toward the west within the trade winds south of high pressure. Maximum cloud tops associated with these clouds extended into the 10 to 15 thousand foot range. The previously discussed high clouds continued to move across the islands and were leading to mostly cloudy conditions. Any low clouds beneath these high clouds over the islands were mostly obscured.

Scattered to numerous thunderstorms continued to develop well south of the state over the deep tropics near and along the intertropical convergence zone between 5°N and 11°N. Maximum cloud tops extended to around 50 thousand feet. These storms were tracking toward the west at 10 to 15 mph.