Satellite Interpretation Message

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Issued: Aug 27, 2016 7:30 PM HST

Based on data through 7:00 pm Aug 27 2016 HST

Tropical storm madeline is located near 16°N 140°W or about 1000 miles east southeast of Hilo Hawaii. Madeline is moving west northwest at about 10 mph. Thunderstorms are forming within 120 miles of the center with overcast layered clouds extending outward to 200 miles from center. A less organized area of thunderstorms is located near 14°N 160°W with thunderstorms ranging out 60 miles. This area is moving west at 10 mph.

In the area northeast of Hawaii from 20°N to 30°N between 140°W and 160°W, patchy broken low clouds are moving along with the trade winds at 15 to 20 mph and headed toward the southwest. These clouds are pushing into the windward slopes of the aloha state bringing mostly cloudy skies to those areas. Leeward locations of the smaller islands have partly cloudy skies while the leeward Big Island is mostly cloudy due to afternoon sea breezes and convective clouds.

A surface trough about 1000 miles northwest of Kauai is setting off a line of thunderstorms from 22°N and 30°N between 174°W and the dateline. Thunderstorms cloud tops are reaching up to 45 thousand feet. Otherwise, in the area west of 160°W to the dateline, scattered low clouds are moving west southwest.

Hawaii Infrared Satellite image for 0500 UTC

Central Pacific Infrared Satellite image for 0500 UTC